Aplus Safety Training

A Plus Safety Training is a prominent source for security training and policy and procedure manual development. Developing and implementing training and policy and procedure manuals can be time-consuming and tedious, taking you away from the day-to-day operational requirements. A Plus can be your source to handle all your security and safety needs. In addition, no need to worry about outdated or missing manuals, you will receive full access to your assigned portal containing all manuals you developed with A Plus. Complete the Security Manual Checklist and let A Plus Safety Training get you on your way to being compliant.

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Manual Categories

  • Perimeter & Area Security - $300
  • Safety Ministry - $900
  • Building Security - $900
  • test - $900
  • Security and Safety Policy and Procedure Manual - $25
  • Testing PayPal - $1
  • Cyber Security Training - $100
  • Active Shooter Defense - $100